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A New Home for Celeste and her Boys

In September 2023, Habitat for Humanity Victoria hosted a ‘House Handover’ event for our 70th Partner family Celeste and her three sons, Ethan, Tobias, and Max. For a number of years, Celeste has been partnering with Habitat for Humanity to build her own home in Crib Point, where her family will now settle into a new chapter of safety and stability.

For Celeste, this is a significant moment in her family’s housing journey. She reflects on how she has had to move over 30 times throughout her life. Her eldest son Ethan had to move 15 times in 17 years – nearly once a year! She recalls having to put up with previous rentals that had leaking roofs and doors that fell off. Like many others, housing stress has been an ongoing challenge for Celeste and her family. As a single mother raising her three sons and their unique needs, the rising rental prices and living costs against her challenging circumstances meant having a stable, long-term place to call home was always out of reach…until now!

Reminiscing past challenges gave way to anticipation of hope for the future, as Celeste and Ethan voice their excitement to finally have a forever home.

We can finally rest easy in knowing that this is our home and our safe space,” says an enthusiastic Ethan.

Meanwhile, Max is already proudly giving attendees tours of the different rooms in his house.

We are pleased to have Mr. Stephen Newton AO, Chair of the Hugh D.T. Williamson Foundation, present on the day to acknowledge the event and facilitate the handing of the keys. “May this house be the very start of a brand new life that Celeste, Ethan, Tobias, and Max are now going to have,” says Mr. Stephen Newton as he presented the house keys to the family and congratulated each one in this new beginning.

In the seats, dozens of blue ReStore T-shirts were represented the Rosebud ReStore volunteers came along to show their support. Over the years, Celeste has been consistently contributing her ‘sweat equity’ hours at Rosebud ReStore. She has become part of the volunteer family who will dearly miss her regular presence as they send her off into a new chapter of life – with gifts of beautiful pot plants for the home!

Habitat for Humanity Victoria recognises the significant impact stable housing can have on families, particularly the growing journey of children and young people. Our recent Partner family survey evidenced positive outcomes in employment, education, and wellbeing. We wish Celeste and sons all the best as they begin to make their new house a cherished home.

Learn more about Celeste’s story here: