Stories from Home

Victoria to hand over 60th home

Meet Fran, soon-to-be owner of Habitat for Humanity’s 60th home in Victoria. Fran is a single Mum and full time carer to her sons, 12-year-old Ibrahim, who is deaf, and 5-year-old Maurice, who is autistic. With both boys needing full time care, Fran hasn’t been able to work for many years. This has made obtaining stable housing a real challenge and the dream of owning a home almost impossible.
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Myint’s Story

For 20 years, Myint has lived in Myanmar’s Dala Township. Her home is cobbled together with now torn tarpaulins, rusted corrugated iron and old bamboo – materials which unsurprisingly do not offer sufficient protection from the elements. During the wet season, Myint’s home floods, bringing water in through the roof, and floor, soaking her family and what little possessions they have. Read this article