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A fresh start for Yeti

In Indonesia, your support is helping displaced families have a much needed fresh start.

15 years ago, Yeti fled from her home. Violent conflict had torn her beloved hometown apart and threatened the safety of her family.

Yeti sought refuge in an Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) camp in Bitung, Indonesia. Up until last year she lived in the camp in substandard conditions. IDP camps are known for cramped living quarters, poor ventilation, limited access to clean water and sanitation and high cases of illness due to inadequate conditions.

Thanks to your support, last year we were able to build 106 families in the camp including Yeti’s, new homes of their own. Yeti has been in her home for a year now and with support from her son has even added an extension to use as a shop.

Yeti sells food, cleaning products, gas canisters, water bottles, electricity and phone credit. Business is booming.

She is grateful for the hand-up she has received from Habitat supporters and is looking forward to many happy years in her new home.

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