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Zakir’s story

Fechia is a remote community located in Northern Bangladesh. With a lack of knowledge on proper water, sanitation and hygiene practices, open defecation was a widespread issue in the community.
With your support, a new well was installed, giving families access to clean water. Habitat also formed a community water and sanitation committee to improve the communities sanitation and hygiene practices. Zakir, the head of one of the committees, explained that he was inspired to take action as he has always wanted to do something positive for his community.

zakir tube well

After receiving training with Habitat, Zakir and the committee then went door to door and organised several courtyard meetings to educate others. They emphasised the need to eradicate the practice of open defecation in order to maintain a clean and healthy community.


While the change was not instant, Fechai was finally declared open defecation free by the local government body on 15 March 2017.

“Personally, I didn’t have the proper knowledge before getting training from Habitat. It was only after that I understood the importance of hygienic practices,” Zakir said. “I am happy to see the positive changes in the community. I am grateful to Habitat for giving me the opportunity to help transform Fechia into a healthy community.”

You can empower more people like Zakir, and communities like his to play an active role in creating a healthier future.

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