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World’s most vulnerable: Huu and Vinh from Vietnam

Your support helps the most vulnerable members in a community…like Huu and Vinh in Vietnam.
We’re committed to helping those who are vulnerable due to disability or age, suffering from diseases like HIV/AIDS, or struggling as a single mother or orphaned child.
These are people like 78-year-old Huu and her 49-year-old daughter Vinh who live together with other members of their family in appalling conditions.
As you can see, their 30-year-old house has become severely degraded after years of wind, rain, heat and storms.

The decaying house is without a functioning toilet, is being consumed by termites, and attracts mold and mosquitoes due to extremely high levels of humidity.
Life for this aging family is extremely challenging, with each member of the household vulnerable to illness due to unhealthy living conditions.
And now, Vinh faces another overwhelming challenge after recently being diagnosed with thyroid cancer. She shares…
“I think I already got used to the conditions without a toilet, however, things are getting harder when I got diagnosed with cancer”
Through the support of donors like you, we’re building a new home to help provide a safe and healthy house for the family, and a comfortable space for Vinh to rest and recover as she undergoes urgent treatment for cancer.
Right now, there are many more vulnerable families like Huu and Vinh’s living in unsafe housing. They urgently need our help, which Is why I’m asking you to give today.

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