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Sarwadi’s story

Sarwadi and his wife Nita have always dreamt of having a house that their daughter Icha could call home. But when their income allows them to save only a few dollars a week for their daughter’s education, they never thought it would be a reality.
“My name is Sarwadi and I am 30 years old. I was born here, in my mother’s house and lived here also because I never been to anywhere…   My wife is Nita. She is 23 years old and she is also from this neighbourhood. We have a daughter, Icha, 7 years old. I am the fourth son of my mother, Ponijah, who also lives here. My 5 brothers and sisters had already moved and live with their family or work outside this village.
Everyday I look for eggs of red-ants for bird food. It is common here…this job….maybe 80% of men are doing the same activity… I use my motorbike to find them. Usually I can earn between 50.000 – 100.000 rupiah [$5-$10] per day but I can only bring home half because I need to spend money on gasoline and food. It depends also on the weather…. Is it enough? Yes…for daily living…since we can take vegetables free from this village…and our daughter’s school is near…but if we think about spending money for the other needs…of course that’s not enough.
As a young family, we always dreamt to have a house…being independent. We work hard and we try to save some money…we don’t care how much…but everyday we try to save 1 thousand to 5 thousands rupiah…for our daughter’s school when she grow bigger…and maybe  if we need something…just saving… We try…although sometimes it was tiring when we knew that building a house will need so much money…beyond our capacity.
God answered our prayer…we got news to receive a house from Habitat through our chief… Icha was so happy and excited.”


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