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Ponikem’s Story

Your support means mothers like Ponikem can offer her children and grand-children the safety of decent shelter. 

Ponikem lives with her two children and their families in Indonesia. Before they built a Habitat home they were living in sub-standard conditions in a small space which they could not afford to renovate. Ponikem tells her story:
“I worked as a maid in Jakarta for a while but it made me homeless. So I went back to my village, and got married. After having two children, my husband left and I had to take care of my two children by myself. We made a small shop to sell snacks but it could not succeed. So I looked for a job and after work, I still help my neighbours in their farms to earn more money for my family. My income is only enough for food, daily costs, and socials. I have never been in a condition to have an opportunity to renovate my house.

I heard the news about Habitat’s house from my chief. We were very happy because we knew that we won’t be able to build a house by ourselves.
The moment came…Habitat invited me to join a meeting about the project and gave me the date when I can build my new house. It was a very grateful moment when the house started. And I was so surprised to see many volunteers came to build my house. What a blessing, they were very kind and helpful. They worked very hard everyday.
Now, the house is complete. It is a very nice, clean, and strong house. My granddaughters like to play inside. I am so happy… Thank you very much… God bless you all … may you have every success in life.”

Your support means children like Ponikem’s grand-children can feel safe in their own home, protected from disaster.


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