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World’s most vulnerable: Phoun

Phoun and her husband live in this unstable thatched house made from woven palm leaves which they built with their own hands.
The frail shelter is unable to protect them from wind, rain and storms, with Phoun saying:
“When it rains we cannot sleep. The water always comes through the roof and walls.”
Phoun says she had been dreaming of owning a “good home” like everyone else, because without adequate protection from the elements, she feared that the regular colds, fever, and joint pain she and her husband experienced could become something much worse.
The good news is, Phoun now lives in a safe and secure new home thanks to generous supporters like you. She is deeply grateful for the hope and transformation the new home has brought to their lives.
“We have been struggling all our lives. Never in my life did I expect to have my own home. I can now feel independent for the first time.
“I hope for life to be moving forward now because of a strong place to call home. Before I didn’t think of a future, now I believe I may actually have one.”
Your generous support today can provide new homes for more families in poverty who are at risk of serious sickness and disease due to unsafe housing. Give today:

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