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Revisiting Pawiro

Pawiro was one of our first Rock the House homeowners in 2016. Last month, we were lucky enough to revisit her in her Habitat home. When we turned up to meet 94 year old Pawiro, she immediately started crying, she was so happy to welcome back Habitat into her home.
In 2010, two of Pawiro’s four children died in the Sumatra earthquake. Afterwards, she could barely sleep in her cold, dirt floored home because of her fear of another earthquake or strong wind destroying her fragile home.

She told us how grateful she is for the Habitat volunteers who built her new home two years ago. In fact, she still has the photograph they gave her in pride of place. She is thankful that her new home is always warm and safe. Now, Pawiro sleeps with peace and happiness in her heart.
You can read more about her story from when we visited her last year.


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