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World’s most vulnerable: Lomail and Simon from Fiji

Your support helps those who have lost everything…like Lomail and Simon from Fiji.
Through your generous donations, we ensure emergency shelter and permanent homes are prioritised for vulnerable people whose homes have been destroyed or badly damaged due to natural disasters.
When Cyclone Pam tore through Fiji, it razed Lomail and Simon’s home to the ground leaving them emotionally crushed and extremely vulnerable to danger and disease.
With nowhere to live and no-one else to turn to, your partnership meant we could provide Lomail and Simon with the shelter they needed at just the right time.
Lomail says the home they now live in has given them a second chance at life, and a brand new sense of joy and hope…

“What does it mean to have a safe and decent place to live? Oh, it means everything! When we found out that Habitat was going to give us a new house, we were so happy!
We thanked God because if Habitat did not give us a new home, it would be very difficult to build a new one because we do not have enough money”.
Thank you for helping Lomail and Simon get back on their feet, and for any gift you can send today to help more families who have lost homes due to natural disasters.

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