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Dirjo and his family

Mr. and Mrs. Dirjo lived in fear of wild weather for years and in 2016 their fears were validated when their home was destroyed by an earthquake.

Mr. and Mrs. Dirjo live with their 36 year old daughter Sumarti. In their previous home made of bamboo and soil, when it rained the house would be flooded. The damp cold and mud meant the family were constantly battling with the flu. The family knew their house was unsafe, and in 2016, an earthquake destroyed the fragile and unsafe home altogether.
For Sumarti, it was particularly difficult. Because Sumarti could not walk and there was no sanitation facilities in the house, it was very difficult for her to reach a toilet.

Last month, the family built a new Habitat home with volunteers. Not only does Sumarti have access to a toilet within the home now, but the entire family are protected from wild weather. After many years knowing that their house was unsafe, they finally feel at home and protected. They are so thankful to Habitat for Humanity that has supported them to have proper house and life. It has become so much easier and comfortable for them to live, especially for Sumarti
Mr. Dirjo said he would never forget the volunteers who worked alongside them, he hopes they are in good spirits and always happy.


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