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Vietnam is a dynamic country that is developing at an astonishing pace. In recent years Vietnam’s economic growth and reductions in poverty have impressed the international community, with the rate of poverty falling from 60 percent to around 20 percent in the last 20 years.
However, this decline in poverty has been disproportionate and there is a great need for basic services including safe housing, for vulnerable groups such as ethnic minorities, women, children and people living with disabilities.
Vietnam is also highly vulnerable to natural disasters. Every seven in 10 persons face the risk of typhoons, torrential storms and flooding. Provinces such as Quang Nam are highly susceptible to natural disasters, and poor families living in inadequate housing often suffer the most.
Natural disasters have a significant ongoing impact as they interrupt everyday life – children cannot go to school, parents cannot work, and often, time and money are needed to rebuild damaged or destroyed homes.
When you join a Global Village volunteer trip, you will be working with families to build disaster-resilient housing to withstand floods, storms and typhoons. Your support will also enable families to access water and sanitation and participate in life changing training in areas such as disaster preparedness.

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