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Vanuatu – 3 months on

Just over three months since Cyclone Pam tore through Vanuatu, Habitat for Humanity will be helping affected families in their recovery by distributing shelter repair kits, assisting with shelter upgrades and providing skills training.

Vention, his wife and three children live in Port Vila, where up to 80 percent of all buildings were damaged or destroyed by Cyclone Pam.
Vention’s family home was partly destroyed by the cyclone. Although Vention has started to rebuild his house using roofing iron and timber salvaged after the cyclone, this is not enough to protect against future disasters. As farmers, Vention and his wife do not have the means to purchase the appropriate materials to create a disaster resilient home. The family’s income has been severely strained after the disaster as the chicken farm Vention and his wife worked on was badly damaged in the Cyclone and has not reopened.
To help families like Vention’s in their recovery, Habitat this month will be looking to start distributing shelter kits and providing trainings for 180 families in 4 communities around Port Vila. We will also be providing 14 community tool kits which include materials such as chainsaws and battery operated drills.
Families like Vention’s have started to rebuild and strengthen their homes to protect against disaster, but they cannot afford the proper the materials to ensure their homes are secure. Habitat will work with communities to build stronger homes to protect families.

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