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TV Personalities Adam and Lisa to join Habitat for Humanity’s Everest Build Next Month

At Habitat for Humanity, we’re excited to announce that TV personalities Adam and Lisa are joining our Global Village Everest Build in November!

Just when they thought one room was a challenge, Adam and Lisa will be joining another 500 volunteers from around the world in Chitwan, Nepal to build 100 homes in one week.
The standard of living in parts of Chitwan is very poor and Adam and Lisa and the rest of our Global Village volunteers will be constructing safe and decent homes made from locally sourced mud-and-brick, bamboo and “green” clay brick.
“We’ve been so fortunate in our lives,” said Lisa. “And are so grateful to be able to do some good and give back as best we can.”
A big thank you to Adam and Lisa for their support. They will be fundraising to help families living in poverty.
To make a donation visit their fundraising page.
Adam and Lisa will be building with our Everest team from 16-22 November in Nepal.

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