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Building Back Safer in Tuvuya, Fiji

We are working in Fiji alongside the community in Tuvuya to build resilience to disaster through build back safer training.

Our friends and partners Communities for Communities were in Fiji this month, supporting our Tuvuya Community Development project. C4C have not only provided much needed funds for the project but have sent over 6 teams of volunteers to build 8 houses over the last 2 years! There were smiles all round (and some happy tears!) for Communities for Communities’ last week of construction – especially from Russi and his family who received their new home.
Since last year we have been working alongside the community in Tuvuya to build community resilience to disasters, by delivering build back safer construction training, build and retrofit stronger houses and infrastructure and upgrade water and sanitation facilities.

Thanks to Communities for Communities , Australian NGO Cooperation Program and Habitat for Humanity Fiji, we are not just building houses, we are building stronger and safer communities.


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