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The real impact of clean water

In the Delta region of Myanmar, we are working to improve community knowledge through water, sanitation and hygiene training and providing access to clean water sources.

Previously, lack of access to clean water in the Delta region meant children in particular would often fall sick. Without any means to travel to the local hospital, and unable to pay for treatment, parents like Mi Nge would helplessly watch as their children fell ill time and time again.

“Before, we only drank water from the river,” said Mi Nge. “It was only later we learned the pesticides and fertilisers that got into the river were making us sick.”

Mi Nge is grateful her family and community are healthier now they can access safe water sources and understand the effects of drinking unclean water.

To date, 483 household water treatment containers with filters have been distributed to families like Mi Nge’s in the Delta region.

Families now have access to wells, two disaster risk reduction trainings have been conducted and a cyclone resistant shelter and school constructed so the community can better prepare and mitigate the effects of disasters.

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