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The real impact of a home

Access to a safe and decent home changes everything. Here’s a look at how having a home has transformed the lives of one family in Cambodia through our ‘Building Hope, Building
Positive Lives’ project.


Sokhom and Savoeun have not had an easy life. Both worked long hours far from home – Sokhom as a motortaxi driver and Savoeun in a factory – and almost all their income went toward paying high rates for rent and electricity.

Despite paying these expenses, living in an informal settlement meant they had no claim to the land and lived in fear of being forcibly evicted at any time. Their living conditions were extremely poor. The house would flood duringthe rains and there was frequent power cuts. The neighbourhood was also dangerous and Sokhom and Savoeun worried about their children’s future and how they could ever give them a safe home.

“My wife and I are getting older so having a safe shelter for our kids is so important. When we die, we can hand it over to our children for the rest of their lives.” – Sokhom


Since moving into their Habitat home, life has changed substantially for the family. Savoeun (pictured above) has used her new home to start her own business. She has converted the back of the house into a small grocery store and has also built a pen for raising chicken and ducks.

This allows her not only to earn a steady income but means she is able to stay home with her children while Sohkom is working in the city. Most importantly, Savoeun tell us, is that her children feel safe in their new home.

“Now my kids can play and simply enjoy living. I have a happy life living here with my family every day.” – Savoeun

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