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The Mighty Mekong Team start their build

Our Mighty Mekong Global Village team are now on day three of their build outside Hanoi, Vietnam. They are helping build one of the first homes as part of our Phu Tho housing project. The team includes Habitat staff member and team leader, Allison as well as four volunteers from our corporate partners, Arup. Allison has shared with us her thoughts and reflections of the teams first few days on the build, straight from the field.
“This is the most wonderful experience. The home owner and his family are constantly thanking us for our time, generosity. They are so grateful.
The family of seven will move from sharing a small one room shed to having three rooms and a bathroom and shower. They are all working with us and there is sweat, smiles and joy and a stack of hard work together. It’s joyous.
The local community neighbours are often passing by and watching and smiling at us. They are very intrigued to see the foreigners building!
The first day on our way to the build site we were invited to the local government office where we were greeted so kindly and warmly by officials with so much gratitude for what we are doing for this community. In fact, this is one of the poorest communities in Vietnam where most people earn below 6USD per month.
We are all thoroughly enjoying every aspect of the week. It is an amazing cultural experience with a rewarding leave behind gift of a home that can be passed on for generations.”
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