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Sophorn’s story

21 year old Cambodian Sophorn is the single father of Phanha, his 3-year-old daughter. After his wife passed away in 2014, they moved in with Sophorn’s parents and siblings.
“Luckily I have my parents, brother and sister to help me move on. They always support me no matter what happens,” Sophorn said.
Sophorn and his family lived on the banks of a polluted river and he recalls the dreadful floods during the monsoon season where water would enter their home. “A dry house would be a blessing. Phanha and I are less likely to get sick in a good home and we would recover much sooner. Then I could go back to work quicker to make money for the family,” he added.
Sophorn works as a tuk-tuk driver and his father as a security guard. Together they can earn between $200 to $250 per month to support the entire family, covering expenses such as daily living, rent and the children’s education.
But even with the combined income of Sophorn and his father’s jobs, saving for their own home was an impossibility.
Thanks to your support, Habitat for Humanity was able to give Sophorn a new home.

“Life got better when I figured out that I’m eligible to get a new home. I remember how happy my family was when I told them about this good news. They kept smiling for this wonderful and unexpected present.” Sophorn confirmed that his whole family will move into
the house and begin a new chapter together.
“I’m very grateful to my family for never giving up on me and to Habitat for Humanity for this generous support.”
Last October, Habitat visited Sophorn and his family to see how their lives have changed since. “The new house is so nice and cool,” says Sophorn. They no longer have to worry about being unprotected from drastic weather changes – whether it be the scorching heat, rain or wind.
Thanks to their new home, the family is also much healthier and fall sick less often.
Previously, majority of their income was spent on expensive rent but now, Sophorn is able to put the money towards food and education for Phanha. Not only that, he has also invested in a new tuk tuk, bought chickens and grows different kinds of fruit and vegetables at home.

Thanks to you, Sophorn and his family can look forward to the future with confidence and build a brighter future for them.
This is part of the New Start, New Life program in Habitat Cambodia which works with vulnerable families which include those living with or impacted by HIV/AIDS, the elderly and child-headed households, to provide access to safe and decent homes.
This program is supported by the Australian Government through the Australian NGO Cooperation Program (ANCP).
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