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Shining a light on Bitung

frangki-1As part of our Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) Resettlement project in Bitung, Indonesia, we’ve installed four solar street lights to create safer communities.
Frangki lives with his wife Satsisila and two sons in Klabat resettlement. Frangki and Satsisila, along with tens of thousands of families from the the islands around North Sulawesi, fled their homes between 1999 and 2000, following a series of natural disasters and ethnic violence.
Frangki and Satsisila lived as IDPs for the last 15 years, but through Habitat’s resettlement program the family now have permanent land tenure, housing, and also received livelihood training.
Frangki and Satsisila were grateful to learn that one of the solar powered street lamps would be installed near their home. Frangki usually comes home late from his job driving a motor cycle taxi. Before the light was installed, the area was very dark and he was afraid that he might accidentally drive into the ditches beside the road near his house.
Satsisila, a stay at home mum used to avoid walking outside her house after dark or during the frequent power outages. Now that the area is well lit, Frangki and Satsisila feel safer in their community. Families in the neighbourhood can easily walk around the community, and even gather around the street light at night to socialise.
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Handing over of solar lights
Installation of solar lights in resettlements

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