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Securing a brighter future

There wasn’t a day that passed without Nguyen Van Phuc, 32, worrying about the security of his wife and his four children. The main supporter, Phuc relied on seasonal labour work. Their income occasionally supplemented by casual work by his wife.

The family was crammed in a 48-square meter house located in the middle of a field in Vietnam and was continually flooded in the rainy season. It had a soil ground floor, corrugated iron walls and roof, and untreated wooden doors. Like many homes in the rural area it had neither tap water nor toilet. Battered by time and the weather, only its concrete columns seemed to keep it standing.

Thanks to your support, Phuc and his family were able to receive a new home. Their new home has completely transformed the family’s life. It meant an efficient roof that could withstand the rainy season’s onslaught. It raised the floor level to prevent flooding and laid a new tiled floor so the children can play, and study, and remain dry. There is hygienic access to water and a toilet. In addition, the doors can be properly secured so Phuc and his wife feel they can leave the children secure at home when they go to work. The new home helps the family’s health and the children’s education.

Securing a sturdy home is like securing a brighter future for Phuc and his family. They look forward to a brighter future where their lives will thrive.
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