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San San’s story

San San is a 55 year old widow living in a basic shack with her 11 year old son in Dala, Myanmar. San San’s home was destroyed by Cyclone Nargis in 2008. Her only source of income is doing odd jobs around the community and she only earns about 3,500 Myanmar Kyat (AUD$3.50) a day. Unable to afford to rebuild, her current home is made of plastic sheeting.

san san

Parts of the home are completely open and exposed to the elements. It is unsurprising that she, like many others in her community, do not have access to clean water or sanitation in their homes. Families in San San’s community spend up to an hour a day collecting water.


Although, San San lives next to a pond and can easily fetch water, she and others in her community do not know whether it is clean and safe. The water has never been tested and community members have no way of treating it before drinking. As a result, residents fall sick time and time again. San San wants her community to become a healthier place to live.

As a member of Habitat’s female-led savings group and water committee, San San plays a role in raising awareness in her community. She hopes to see the pond upgraded so the community can access clean water all year round. But your help is needed to achieve this.

In Myanmar, Habitat for Humanity is working in an urban settlement in Dala near the capital, Yangon to improve access to safe drinking water, train the community to effectively manage their own waste, and improve drainage and sewage systems.

Your gift today will give families living in slums safe homes, clean water and a healthier future. Please give your tax deductible gift before June 30 to help families like San San.


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