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Our Impact: Sakuntala, Nepal

Thirty-five year old Sakuntala lives with her son Prajwol, aged 4. Her husband left her after just five months of marriage and has not returned since. Her neighbours supported her during her pregnancy and delivery in the absence of her husband.

As her son is young she can’t go out to seek work, instead she prepares snacks and sells them to the children who attend the nearby school. This earns her $2 a day. With her savings she has managed to purchase a piece of land.
Sakuntala lived in very vulnerable and poor conditions in her house of around eleven square metres. The roof leaked – it was close to collapsing – and it flooded in the monsoon season. She slept on a bamboo bed on the mud floor. As there were no windows, the rooms were very dark and smoke could not escape easily. The family had one goat that lived inside the house with them.
Sakuntala says, “I feel very lucky that I received support from Australia to build my house.”
Two years since partnering with Habitat for Humanity, Sakuntala has a safe home for her and her son. Her son is able to study in the clean home, and attend school now with the money Sakuntala is making from her new shop.

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