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A safe and secure home

With your support, Sakunti now lives in a new home with her elderly mother, husband and two sons ages 9 and 10 in Eastern Nepal.

“Before, we were living in a much smaller house which was leaky and unsafe,” she said. As part of Habitat’s mason training program, Sakunti and her husband learned about safe housing construction technology, locally available construction materials and bamboo housing. They were able to put these learnings into action when building their own home.

The total cost of building the home was around $4,500 and Sakunti’s family contributed 40,000NPR (AUD$515) from their savings. This is part of Habitat’s pay it forward model, and will help another family in the community build a safe and decent home.

The family’s income comes from her husband’s work as a rickshaw puller while Sakunti does seasonal labour.

“I like my new home. It has a good roof that doesn’t leak and even has concrete floors. It is better than other houses and I feel safe and secure,” she said.

Sakunti and her family also attended training led by Habitat, where community members discussed and identified the vulnerabilities they face related to shelter and natural disasters.

sakun home

With your help, we can continue to help other families have a safe and secure home.

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