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Safe homes, stronger communities in Indonesia

In Bitung, Indonesia we are working with Internally Displaced Persons to gain access to safe housing and secure tenure.

As part of phase two of this project, we worked with 106 families to build safe and decent homes. This year, almost all home partners now moved into their new homes, including Augustina and her family.
“I really feel alive here!” said Augustina. “The new house, with its windows and vents is much cooler and brighter than our old shelter. We feel healthier here.”
Augustina is in a wheelchair, and she is grateful that her new home and its location in the community makes it very easy for her to get around. Augustina says the area is very lively and her children have lots of friends to play with here.

Ibu Augustina_6658 bitung
Augustina and her family New drainage in Bitungy

The new homes are stark contrast to the living conditions Augustina endured for many years. Augustina and families like hers fled their homes on neighbouring islands following violent conflict. As a result of their forced relocation, families became Internally Displaced Persons without the means to improve their situation found themselves living in substandard conditions and mired in poverty.
Our project is not only helping these families by building safe homes but is also building stronger communities. The new homes now have access to water, a drainage system has been constructed and communal trash receptacles and solar street lights have been installed.
Over 50 community members have also benefited from livelihood training in areas refrigeration maintenance, beauty therapy, tailoring, motorcycle repairs and concrete block production. Vocational training teaches community valuable skills they can use to earn a steady income. It also allows them to impart knowledge onto others.
Phase three of this project in now underway and will be working with another 120 displaced families in Bitung.

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