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Safe homes for brighter futures

Recently, our Nine Dragons project in Long An and Tien Giang, Vietnam, came to an end, however the impact of having a safe, disaster resilient home will have a lasting effect in the lives of our partner families.

Mr Tich lives in Tien Giang with his grandson Truong, 10, who he raises on his own. Although he is 60, Mr Tich still works several jobs to provide for his grandson.

Mr Tich believes in the importance of education. Even though it has been difficult being the sole provider, as well as dealing with his own health issues, Mr Tich is determined to continue working hard in order to give Truong a good education.

“Only education can give Truong a better future,” said Mr Tich. “Every time he promises to keep learning, he gives me more strength.”

However, Truong did not have anywhere to study in their old home. When it rained, water would leak through the roof and seep through the thatched walls.

Truong would cover his books and the family’s possessions with a tarpaulin, but often this would not be enough to keep his school work dry, let alone protect him and his grandfather during the strong rains and winds common to Tien Giang.

“There were many times Truong and I had to huddle in a dry corner waiting for the rain to stop,” said Mr Tich. “It was impossible for us to build a better home.”

Thanks to your generosity, we have been able to help build Mr Tich and other families like his, a disaster resilient home.

Their new house is connected to electricity so Truong can study at night, and is secure and sturdy so Mr Tich no longer needs to spend money on housing repairs. Instead, he can put his savings towards Truong’s education, and give him a brighter, more promising future.

Viet playing in his new home

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