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Sadi’s story

Sadi, 55, has never had much, living a hand-to-mouth life.
From an early age he sold cotton, earning just enough money to get food to eat each day. After his marriage to Sutirah, he began work as a farm labourer although the land was a long way from his home meaning he faced a long bicycle ride to and fro each day.
He and Sutirah raised five children in a small, old dilapidated house in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. It had a dirt floor, damaged and rotten bamboo walls and a leaky roof. The very poor ventilation made it very difficult for the family to remain healthy.

All the children are now married but however hard Sadi worked, he could not save enough money to repair his home.
Thanks to your support, his family now have a new home to call their own.
“My house now is very comfortable and strong,” Mr Ismanto says. “It has ceramic tiles, permanent walls and is very, very warm. Thank you very much.

Sadi’s home was built by Rock the House volunteers last year. His new home will change the lives of this family for generations to come.
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