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Meet our volunteers – Rozza from WA

Meet Rozza, 52 originally from New Zealand but living in Karratha, Western Australia. Rozza is employed as a Security Officer in October 2016, gave up a week of his time to volunteer with Habitat for Humanity for Rock the House. This year, he is joining the growing number of returning Rockers who are going back to Yogyakarta to help build another 12 homes.


Rozza, tell us what inspired you to initially volunteer with Habitat for Humanity last year?

My mother, a single parent to six children, and a volunteer for her community. Her religious beliefs were an important element in her dedication and caring nature to others in need. Her example gave me the inspiration to sign up. A thought shared with fellow volunteers was the fact we were going to help families in need, yet we soon discovered over the week, they helped us in many ways – extending kindness, a gentle spirit, deep humility and engaging smiles. It was an incredible journey for us all, to work alongside wonderful families.

Can you tell us some of the things you got up to on the build site last year?

Well, most of all dancing! Being yourself, getting down and dirty alongside good mates, sharing a common goal with families in need, bringing joy into their lives. To work alongside them, sit with them and listen to their beautiful language was a wonderful experience.

Why do you think others should volunteer?

Why should others Volunteer? It’s the Australian way. It’s the Australian spirit. Ever since our arrival over ten years ago, I have seen the Aussie spirit in action. There are so many stories and examples I can mention here suffice to say, the Aussie spirit is inspiring with a strong focus on helping others across diverse communities and countries like Indonesia.
Volunteers out there, if you haven’t done it before, I recommend it to you. You will create a wonderful relationship with your team mates, together you will build a home and lifelong friendships with a beautiful family and get to really know their environment and cultural traditions.

What does home mean to you?

Home is the ‘Centre of Light’. I was brought up in a very religious home, my mother always kept our home peaceful. We didn’t have much money but she always put food on the table. Home is a heavenly haven from the worries of the world. A place to be with loved ones, a unity of strength to recover from the demands of life even a place to rest your head. As a volunteer, this is our mantra and purpose, to bring joy to families by participating in a unique experience. I’m very grateful to be part of it.

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