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Rebuilding Nepal – three years on

April 25 marks the three year anniversary of the devastating Nepal earthquakes. On April 25th and May 12th, 2015, devastating earthquakes with recorded magnitudes of 7.8 and 6.8, respectively, hit Nepal leaving more than 8,790 people dead and around 22,300 injured. These two major quakes were followed by hundreds of aftershocks ranging between 4 and 6 on the Richter scale. In total, more than 498,852 houses were destroyed and more than 256,697 houses were partially damaged.
Three years later, we take a look at earthquake-affected families whose lives have been transformed, thanks to the generosity of our supporters.

Lata Man, Kavre, Nepal

Lata Man lost everything when his house collapsed in the Nepal earthquakes.
The earthquake turned his home into rubble and he had taking refuge in his neighbour’s home ever since. Lata Man, who only has seasonal work means that he has been unable to save sufficient money to rebuild his home.
Thanks to your support, Lata Man will be one of the families receiving support to rebuild his earthquake-affected home this year.

Maya, Kavre, Nepal

When Maya’s one-room mud house collapsed because of the devastating earthquakes, her neighbours come to her aid to build a temporary shelter using the bricks from her previously damaged home and tin sheets.
But thankfully now, with the help of Habitat, Maya was able to move into a permanent disaster-proof home that she can call her own.
Now, her new home which consists of a bedroom, kitchen and toilet gives her more space to move around.
“After moving to my new house, I no longer have to bear the heat, cold and rain that I have been suffering with for the past two years,” Maya said.

Goma, Kavre, Nepal

The earthquakes left Goma with a damaged home and completely wiped out her crops which was her food supply.
Barely being able to meet ends meet and with insufficient resources to rebuild, Goma had no choice but to continue living in her damaged home. But thanks to supporters like you, Goma is finally starting to build a permanent shelter for herself.
“Without the support from Habitat for Humanity, I could not have imagined building a permanent house,” she said.
Thanks to you, these families are now looking ahead to a more hopeful future and are empowered to prepare for future disasters.

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