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Rebuilding futures in Nepal

Mithu and her son, Som both lost their homes to the devastating Nepal earthquakes in 2015. In April 25th and May 12th, 2015, devastating earthquakes with recorded magnitudes of 7.8 and 6.8, respectively, hit Nepal leaving more than 8,790 people dead and around 22,300 injured.

Mithu and her husband.

Mithu’s son, Som, and his family.
Most homes in Mithu’s village had been completely destroyed in the disaster, taking away the livelihoods of many families who had survived the quakes.
After the earthquakes, Mithu and her family had to live in a corrugated tin shack that provided no shelter during the rain and protection from future disasters.
Mithu and Son’s family were identified to be in great need by Habitat Nepal and was selected to be recipients of a new home.
Both families partnered with Habitat volunteers to build their earthquake resilient homes earlier in March this year.

These families can now feel safe living in solid homes of brick, cement and stone.
Thanks to you, these families are now looking ahead to a more hopeful future and are empowered to prepare for future disasters.
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