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Rano’s story

Sadly at 21, Rano is already a widow.
To make ends meet and support her mother and 10 month old daughter, she commutes to the city centre in Phnom Penh each day to earn an income by selling food.

The roughly $4 per day she earns disappears by the end of the month after paying for the essentials – rent, water, electricity and food.

With the help of Habitat for Humanity Victoria through the Homes for Homes program, Rano, her mother and daughter, have been able to build a new home to call their own.

“The good thing about this is we can save more from what was used staying in the rental room,” Rano said. “More importantly with this new land, we will be able to build a new and safe house with enough space to keep us away from the flooding, have our own new bathroom and an electricity connection.”

For Rano, the new home will remove a huge burden from her shoulders. Without having to worry about paying rent, or expensive rates for water and electricity she can focus on her family’s future.

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