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Rampati’s story

Rampati and her husband dreamt that they would earn enough money for their three daughters to go to school, but two and a half years ago things changed.
Rampati’s husband worked away from home and would come back to see the family every few months. On one of these visits, he was brutally attacked and all his money was stolen. Once at home, he became very agitated and suffered a fatal heart attack.
Rampati was suddenly alone, with no husband, or hope.
She remembers how she used to work at the house, take care of her children and work on their family garden. “Although my husband was out, life was smooth as I could take care of my daughters while my husband earned the money.”
But “after my husband died, I started to work… hours from our home as a construction support worker and sometime as a helper to earn money. I only came home once every two month or during festivals.  All my pain and suffering is just because I want my three daughters aged 7,10 and 15 to continue their study. I have strong determination to work as much as I can so my daughters can study and have a better life.”
“I miss my husband so much but more than that I miss having a decent house where my kids can feel a sense of security. That will definitely help me fulfill the dream for my daughters.”
There are so many stories as Rampati where we can do so much with small interventions for their life.  Your support can change not only her life but provide a safe and stable home for her children.