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Praviro's story

Over one week, 130 volunteers will be working alongside families in need to help them build safe and decent housing as part of our Rock the House campaign. One of our partner families includes Praviro.

Praviro is 85 years old, and has lived in the same house where she was born her entire life. Her husband passed away 40 years ago, but 2 of her 5 children still live in her village.

Praviro although frail, still earns a living selling snacks at the local school and tourist sites. Her 2 grandchildren also help support her.

Praviro home is small, with a dirt floor and no windows. The walls are made of bamboo matting and are in poor condition. She doesn’t have a toilet or access to water and must rely on her neighbours to access their facilities.

She is looking forward to having a new house and being able to stay in community she has lived her whole life.

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