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Pinery Bushfire Recovery Efforts Underway

In South Australia, we continue to assist families who lost their homes and suffered property damage in the Pinery fire in November last year.

Through our Brush with Kindness program, we are working with farmers and families to assist with the often time consuming task of cleaning up and recovering fire damaged properties.
We’ve welcomed teams of volunteers from corporate,community and church groups, who have assisted by removing fences, salvaging scrap metal, bricks and other materials and general landscaping and clearing of burnt sites.
Their assistance means that tasks which would take the property owner several weeks or more can be completed in just a day.

“The help was fantastic and it was very humbling
to get a much needed job done without any fuss,”
said Mark.

To date, over 20 property owners have been assisted by Habitat South Australia since the fire recovery program commenced in late January.
Mark is from a fifth generation farming family in Stockport. After they lost sheds, livestock, fences and farm machinery in the Pinery fires, a team from South Australia Police Cadets assisted Mark’s family.

“The help we received proved that out
of tragedy some good things come. Volunteering
to do large clean-ups is one of these.”
Aussie Home Loans are also supporting our bushfire
recovery work and will help


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