Phann’s story

Poy Phann is a 48 year old single mother in Cambodia. Previously, she and her 10 year old son lived in a damaged house made up of small pieces of wood, zinc sheets and palm leaves – materials which unsurprisingly do not offer sufficient protection from the elements.

“I know that my current house would not have last much longer…At the same time, I did not earn enough income to afford a new house. I worry about my son if the current house had collapsed. Where would we live?” Phann said.

Phann, like many others in her community, cannot afford to own a paddy field. As a result, she relies on seasonal labour and odd jobs such as feeding cows for people in the community. To supplement her income, she grows crops and raises animals around the house. In addition, Phann also catches fish and crabs to sell in the village. Her income provides just enough to cover their basic needs and to allows her son to attend primary school. However, sadly it does not permit her to build a better place for her family to live.

Thanks to your support, Phann now has a safe and decent home to call her own.

“The help from the volunteers is a precious gift for us, it will offer my family a fresh start.” Phann said. “It has given me a new decent place to live. It is much better than before, I’m very happy.”

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