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A permanent home for the Khatis

Habitat for Humanity staff member, Dan recently travelled to Nepal to meet some of the families we are working with. Here, he met Khatis.
The Khatis home in Nuwakot, Nepal, was completely destroyed during an incredibly powerful earthquake in 2015.
The quake took the lives of 9,000 Nepalese, including many in this remote community, and left thousands more families like the Khatis without a livelihood or any real hope for the future.
I was honoured to meet this kind and humble family during a recent visit to the region where your support is helping to construct two new buildings that will serve as refuges during any future disasters.
During my time in this isolated area, I was struck by how a family home means so much more than just a place to live.
It is vital shelter for the elderly and vulnerable … a place to raise young kids in safety … a base for small family businesses… and a stable environment for growing children to study and learn.
But when disaster strikes – like it did in 2015 – all of that is taken away.
The impact is nothing short of devastating.
Thanks to generous donors like you, the Khatis are now living in a temporary stone and mud home that houses all four generations from great grandparents down to a gorgeous baby girl.

The new family home offers 12-year-old Manish a consistent place to study, which is giving him the chance to dream of an even better future for his family.
With further support from people like you, the Khati family will be able to live safely in a permanent brick-and-mortar home for generations to come. Please donate before June 30.

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