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Meet Jacque from South Australia

For most of her adult life, Jacque has been a single mother to her five children and has provided care for several other children as well. Jacque lived in public housing for many years before moving into a private rental 4 years ago. Jacque worked in Aged Care until a crippling work place injury left her unable to work.

Jacque and her children are the latest family to partner with Habitat for Humanity South Australia.

Jacque first contacted Habitat in October 2016 and is grateful for the opportunity to move closer to her children and grandchildren.

“We can now share a bigger part of each other’s lives,” Jacque said.

Jacque’s family combined their efforts to complete their 200 hours of ‘sweat equity’ on the Habitat home being built in Northern Adelaide. ‘Sweat equity’ is recognised in the 5% market value discount which Habitat return to partner families through their time in the planning and construction phases.

“I want to be able to pass on the kindness we have been shown here,” Jacque said.

Walking through the completed Habitat home for the first time, Jacque was overwhelmed at the beautiful home built with generous donations from our sponsors, supporters and volunteers.

“Being given this opportunity is life changing, being able to move into this new home… a place to call our own, a place where we are much closer to family and we can finally settle down,” she said.

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