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Our Impact: Ngoc Hoa and Muoi, Vietnam

Ngoc Hoa, 41, and her husband Muoi, 44 live in Que An commune, Quang Nam Province, with their four children. 

Ngoc Hoa and Muoi together earn roughly $70 US a month. For 28 years, the family lived in their 36 square metre house. The home was dilapidated with a leaky roof, damaged floor and broken doors and windows.
The extreme weather conditions in Quang Nam also meant Ngoc Hoa’s and Muoi’s home was extremely vulnerable and exposed to the elements. 

The house lacked any ventilation and the low ceiling made it stuffy and hot in the dry months. The walls and roof had also deteriorated and offered no protection against the rain. Hoa and Muoi often gave their bed to their children during the wet season and slept on the floor, trying to protect them from illness and ensure they could go to school. Ngoc Hoa and Muoi were constantly worried about the children falling ill, especially from dengue fever.
When there was severe flooding, they had to improvise a temporary upper level in the home.  The family also had no access to a toilet.

 Security was another concern – the doors and windows were loose and could be broken in to.
After partnering with Habitat for Humanity, Ngoc Hoa, Muoi and their children now have a safe home to call their own. Their new brick home has a sturdy roof and is structurally sound – it will provide protection against natural disasters. With a locking door the family, particularly the children, feel safe and secure in their own home.
“We never thought that our dream of a new house would come true,” said Muoi. “Thanks to Habitat there will be no more worry of housing issues. The children have a decent place to live, to learn and to play. We finally feel relieved.”
With a safe home, the family can start focusing on saving for their childrens’ futures. Ngoc Hoa and Muoi have always tried their best to send all four children to school even on their very limited income. With a good education, the parents hope their children will escape the arduous life of farming and have brighter futures with more opportunity for employment.
Westwood Group Charitable Fund is supporting a project in Quang Nam Province that will assist families just like Ngoc Hoa’s and Muoi’s.
We are grateful for the support Westwood Group and their clients are providing. If you’d like more information feel free to contact Peter Rowsell at Westwood Group on 07 3226 2966 [email protected] or Michelle Turpie at Habitat for Humanity Australia on (02) 9919 7000 [email protected]

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