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New Home for a Home Partners

We are very excited to introduce our new corporate partner who despite the incredible challenges we all face with COvid19 and the factors we face managing a pandemic have made the greatest choice to change lives and partner with Habitat Australia.
Benevolence Financial Group
What if by simply buying a dream home, another family in need gets a chance to build theirs? BFG’s mission is to give customers the power to do just that. By charging no costs for their services (like any other broker), customers are also entitled to a first-of-its-kind tax advantage by going through a process they were always going to do. Now that’s a win-win.
The bushfires have shown the significance of stepping in & working together to support those that need it most. It’s part of being an Aussie – being responsible, having compassion and contributing to fair play. This is the philosophy behind BFG. But doing this is a choice: a simple choice, with an extraordinary impact. They invest up to 50% of upfront commission (depending on loan size) to Habitat for Humanity Australia’s home for a home program.
BFG helps with home loans (including refinances and investments), commercial loans & financial advice. BFG believes that everyone can make a difference. If you could make someone else’s life better, just by getting a home loan that you were already planning to get, what would your choice be?