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New home underway in Victoria uses unique construction method

Habitat Victoria has started to build another house at Prospect Rise, Yea using an innovative “core construction method”. In this unique method, the homes wet areas (bathroom, toilet, laundry and kitchen) are built offsite in a factory and then transported to the construction site.

Work began late August on “the core” for Lot 22 at Yea with the help of volunteers from Bunnings Trade constructing the wall frames. During this time our team were also busy putting in windows, ceiling rafters and internal linings and painting and installing parts of the kitchen and installing insulation in the walls. Meanwhile in Yea, good weather allowed us to put in the foundations of the new home, so it will be ready for the delivery of the core.
Work in progress
Once completed, the core was then wrapped up and loaded onto the trucks for a long journey to Yea.
On arrival, the core was lifted into place on the foundations of the house. The remainder of the sub-floor and wall frames will then be built around the core.
This is the first time Habitat for Humanity used this new core construction method of building, and it has been a huge success. This method has allowed us to make great progress on the home. Thank you to everyone who has been involved.

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