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Nepal prepares for Winter

During Nepal’s winter, the temperature averages an icy 9 degrees, and in the night it can drop below zero. This is the first winter Nepal has experienced since the earthquakes in April and May last year, and with so many families still without homes or in temporary shelter, this winter will feel even colder.

That’s why with your support, Habitat is helping families prepare for winter by distributing “winterisation kits.”

Winterisation kits contain items such as blankets, shawls, flashlights and foam mattresses which help protect families against the cold weather.

Working with community leaders and members, we distributed 2,424 winterisation kits and 250 sleeping bags in Nuwakot and Kavre districts. Kits were also distributed to differently-abled people through the National Federation of Disabled Nepal.

The beneficiaries of the kits live in communities that were devastated by the earthquake in April and May last year. While Habitat has helped many into temporary shelter, cold temperatures means families who lost almost everything in the earthquakes need extra warmth and insulation in their shelters.

“We have been living in a temporary shelter and having hard time battling against cold,” said Nanu, 36 (pictured below) who lives in Nuwakot district. “My son gets sick so often due to the weather. I am thankful to Habitat for Humanity Nepal for providing us these blankets and shawls. Now I can keep my son warm when it’s cold outside.”

Prem, 56 (pictured above) is also a recipient of a winterisation kit and is grateful his family will now have warmth and protection from the elements. “Living in temporary shelter feels like punishment whenever I see my daughter shivering in this bitter cold,” said Prem. “Today, I am taking this new blanket home. I know she will definitely jump with joy.”

Nanu Pathak

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