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My’s story

Imagine if your family of four lived in a home the size of a double bed…
Two years ago, My’s health was at its poorest. She suffered from kidney problems which meant completing simple chores gave her dizzy spells and she was often exhausted.
Her family’s living conditions were substandard and added to My’s health troubles. The home for the family of four was very modest, similar in size to a double bed.
“It was very hard for us,” said My in tears. “My daughter and I slept on the only bed while my husband and son lay on the floor. We wanted a new house for a long time but it was not easy when I was always so sick.”
Every week My had to travel to the hospital for treatment, but her medical costs consumed nearly all of the family’s monthly income of $175. Since she was unable to work they depended on her husband Thu’s income to support the family. As her health deteriorated, My’s son, Hieu decided to drop out of school to start working and help ease the financial strain felt by his parents. Soon after, 15 year-old Thao also quit studying to help out. For Hieu and Thao nothing was worth more than their mother’s health.
The meagre income allowed them to make small repairs to the home over time but it was nowhere near enough to make any long-lasting improvements. Their poorly ventilated home was stuffy and hot in the dry season and constantly damaged by the floods during the rainy season.
It’s been one year now since supporters like you helped My and her family build their own home which has significantly improved My’s health.
She now goes to the hospital every 3 months for a checkup, rather than weekly.
“I can feel my health has been better recently!” said My joyfully.
Not only does their new home have ample space but a proper roof and windows means there is much better ventilation. My now earns a livelihood by raising and selling goats, and her children can return to school.
My is just one example of the impact a safe and decent home has on a family’s health.
Your gift today has the power to improve health and transform lives. Together with your support we can build safe homes and a brighter futures for families in need.

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