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Miss Han’s story

Miss Han, 72 has been blind and deaf since birth. She lives with her son Tu Anh, his wife and daughter in Southern Vietnam. Sadly, her husband passed away 20 years ago and her youngest son died in an accident in 2008.

Miss Han’s previous home was unstable and unsafe. Made of leaves and fibrocement, the roof was collapsing and the crumbling walls made the home vulnerable to floods and monsoons during the wet season. In addition, it lacked basic facilities like a toilet which risked the spread of diseases.

The high cost of building materials means that the urban poor including families like Miss Han’s often build housing with cheaper materials which are not durable, making them even more vulnerable to the effects of natural disasters.

On more than one occasion, Tu Anh, who works as a construction worker, would return home only to find Miss Han sitting in the weather as strong winds and rain would have blown in parts of the home.

Earlier this year, a team of volunteers travelled to Vietnam to spend a week helping Miss Han and her family build a new home.

completed home for blog

Now, the family is protected from unpredictable weather conditions and Tu Anh no longer needs to worry about leaving his mother at home while he goes to work.

A safe and secure home can make a big impact on health. A complete substitution of dirt floors by cement floors leads to 78% reduction in parasitic infections as well as a 49% reduction in diarrhoea.

Their new home means that they can now build a brighter and healthier future for themselves. Thanks for your support, we can continue to transform the lives of people like Miss Han.

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