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More than 60 homes in Habitat Victoria

Earlier this month Habitat for Humanity Victoria handed over the keys to two houses to their properties in Yea, making it over 60 houses that have welcomed new owners.
Partner families’ Katie & Lacie and the Magee’s now have a place to call their own.

Single mum Katie and her six year old daughter Lacie had lived ‘rough’ on a main street for a number of years. Katie was concerned for Lacie’s safety as their rental was so close to a popular bike path and walking trail. This made Katie anxious, due to having strangers so close to her young daughter. Juggling full time work and supporting her household on a single income only added to these living stresses, and made saving for a mortgage near impossible.

For Katie, her Habitat for Humanity home represents an opportunity to provide Lacie with her ‘forever home’. And what better place to call home than within the Yea estate, where your bedroom’s painted bright pink!

For the Magee’s, Eddy and Marie are looking forward to calling a place home. The Magee’s had come from broken marriages and a failed business venture which lost them all their assets just prior to retirement. The stress of rising rent and plateauing wages meant that the couple couldn’t foresee a way towards financial stability.

‘We see Habitat for Humanity as offering us some security into the future and a relief from the constant stress we have come to live under. It’s an opportunity to contribute to the community and use our strengths to aid others’, says Eddy.

On Thursday 2nd August 2018 these two partner families received the keys to their forever homes to a room full of volunteers, sponsors and neighbours.

It was a fantastic celebration for Habitat Victoria– celebrating over 60 house handovers and 30 years of Habitat Victoria, whilst watching two families being provided with a pathway out of poverty.

The Yea Heights Estate Development is Habitat Victoria’s current major affordable housing project. Currently they have built 13 houses and plan to build another 8, the project due for completion at the end of 2019.

To keep up to date with Habitat Victoria’s projects, follow their Facebook here.

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