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Merry’s story

Women and girls around the world spend about 200 million hours collecting water everyday. These 200 million hours is equivalent to 8.3 million days, or over 22,800 years…
Merry and her community in Bangladesh often had to walk long distances to collect water from a well on lower ground. Often they would make the trek only to find that the well wasn’t working, and when it did function, it was extremely difficult to pump by hand. Each time the women pumped water from the rigid, old well, they feared being injured in an accident.
In February this year, Habitat and Merry worked together to build a new well for her family, as well as another three households in their community.
Not only has a simple well improved the health of Merry and the families in her community, but now they can dedicate the time they used to spend on collecting water to employment or education.
“We live hand-to-mouth, but we can claim that we have one great luxury that many rich people do not have – and that is our safe water source,” Merry said.
By giving a tax-deductible gift, you will be improving the lives of communities like Merry’s and giving them a future.
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