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Meet Alanna

Meet Alanna from Warana, Queensland. Last year, she gave up a week of her time to volunteer with Habitat for Humanity for Rock the House. This year, she is joining the growing number of returning Rockers who are going back to Yogyakarta to help build another 12 homes.


Why did you start volunteering with Habitat?

I received an email about volunteering from one of my favourite bands, it just fell hand in hand that I could make a difference whilst sharing the experience with like minded people.

Can you describe the experience in one or two sentences?

Unbelievable, exciting, overwhelming, hard yakka. It truly was an unforgettable experience. Something inside me changed as soon as I began my week in Indonesia. It was a beautiful memory.

Tell us a bit about what the week involves?

Meeting so many wonderful, amazing and caring people from all walks of life.
Gathered in your teams you embark on an incredible week. A lot of elbow grease, love and tears goes into building your home alongside your host family. You learn about their culture, their way of life and are also able to see a few historic temples and markets. It’s tough work.. but one week to us is a whole life of opportunity for these families.


What was your favourite part of the week?

I really enjoyed working alongside our host family, the favourite part of the week would definitely be handing over the house to the family. So many emotions filled the air that day, uncontrollable tears.. I’d never felt the way I did that day before and it really changed my perspective and just how lucky we truly are. Less is more.

How does it feel to represent your suburb overseas?

I am very proud that I took a leap outside my comfort zone and volunteered.. it was unlike anything I’ve ever done and I will do it again…. And again…

Why should others get involved in Rock The House?

You’re not just helping your host family but helping a whole village community towards a better future. You’ll make remarkable memories and friendships with people Australia Wide.. or in our case World-Wide, and your way of thinking is sure to change. Take the leap and experience something new and exciting whilst helping those in need.


Join Alanna and a growing number of Aussie volunteers to Rock the House from September 30 – October 7 in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Sign up today.


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