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Meet Adam

Meet Adam Crews, the man behind many of our amazing photos! Adam has been on two builds overseas to Indonesia and Nepal, and is going on his third in Vietnam later this year.

Why did you start volunteering with Habitat for Humanity?
I’ve always wanted to do something special for someone else in need, but struggled to find a way other than donating money. When I was introduced to Habitat, I loved the fact that I could help with my own two hands. It was the perfect match for me!

Why do you love about taking photos for Habitat?
Taking photos is a way of life for me, but when I’m confronted with the organic emotions from people who are less fortunate than me, a whole new feeling is exposed. It’s raw, it’s very real and it presents itself so differently when I’m shooting for Habitat.

Can you describe the volunteer experience in a few sentences?
Arriving to my first build in Indonesia was exciting, yet also a little daunting as I had no idea what I was getting myself into. Upon meeting the rest of the group those nerves quickly vanished as the Team bonding began. I knew before a single ounce of dirt was broken, that we were all in this together, and we all had each other’s back. This mentality grew each day, and eventually forged friendships that will last a lifetime. I believe the volunteering experience will positively change who you are as a person forever.

Tell us a bit about what the week involves.
The week involves a bit of everything. The weekend will start with a few group activities around the area and a bit of socialising in the evenings with the team at local restaurants. This is a perfect start to experience the culture of the country. During the 4.5 days of building, tasks usually consist of digging, picking, moving rocks, sifting cement, mixing cement, laying bricks, making reinforcement bars and many other little jobs. The days labour is tough, so we always remember to reward ourselves with some downtime in the afternoon at the hotel. I look forward so much to sitting down for dinner. It gives you a chance to unwind and have quite a few laughs with the team as you trade stories about how your day went. The last day of the build is always rewarding as we hand over the home to the family during a beautiful ceremony, and trust me, it will even bring a tear to the hardiest of men. The local community usually come out and enjoy the special moment with us. It’s a great way to finish the week.

What was your favourite part of the week?
Pinpointing a favourite part of the week is so hard because every day is great in its own right. However, the final day of the build is ultimately my favourite. We hand over the build to the family or community, which is emotional but extremely rewarding and humbling.

Why should others get involved?
Aside from being an amazing experience, and the newfound friends you gain, the mere fact that you are lending a helping hand to a stranger is so endearing. The memories that you create from helping others who aren’t as fortunate as you will stick with you for a lifetime. It’s strange to think, but labouring for free for a week in a developing country is actually, well, fun. Really really fun!

Any last comments?
If you’ve had thoughts about volunteering, simply register your interest with Habitat. It’s a really simple process and they can put you on a team in the country of your choice. Or simply gather your own friends & family and do something special together. The first action is the hardest because you’re embarking on something different, beyond that, the experience to follow will change your life.
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