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Meet Ny and Vann

In the Boeung Tim village in Battambang, husband and wife Vann (67) and Ny (53) have faced challenging times over the years living in an inadequate home. Their roof was major hazard made of palm leafs and plastic. During storms their roof could not withstand heavy rainfall or winds and would get damaged allowing the elements to enter their home. 

The old house the family used to live in.

Vann and Ny’s combined income is $80-$100 USD per month. They earn a living from collecting rice from the fields after it was harvested, picking snails, and working around the village doing various odd-jobs. This was barely enough to makes ends meet. 

Vann and Ny’s children

Vann and Ny were put forward to Habitat for Humanity Cambodia by their Village Supporting Group organization and their village chief to be considered for our project where we build homes in their community. Vann and Ny were successful in being approved and selected and their home was built and completed in May 2021. 

Now, safe from the harsh weather and warm at nights, Ny told us the positive impact the new home has had on her life. “Living in my new house is more comfortable and safer. We no longer have to worry when there is a storm.” said Ny. 

The story does not end here. As part of international project we offer livelihood training including learning about family development plans and how to apply for micro grants. This training supports the families we partner with become self-reliant. Ny and Vann developed a concrete family development plan and submitted it to Habitat for Humanity Cambodia. The micro grant will support them to set up a farm near their home which they will manage to sell produce in their village. This increase their monthly income and allow them to take care of their family. 

“We don’t have enough money to buy seeds and materials for farming. After we received the new house, we received the grant support to implement my family development plan. At the moment I can earn around 50-65 USD by selling vegetables. I have a bigger plan to expand my farm by saving from my income. I strongly believe that soon my family will be in better financial situation.” said Ny. 

This project receives support from the Australian Government through the Australian NGO Cooperation Program (ANCP) and is in partnership with our implementing partner Habitat for Humanity Cambodia to provide access to safe shelter.