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Every drop keeps a child safe

In rural areas in Cambodia including schools there are limited hygiene facilities and education around sanitation. As part of our project, we provide support through training and hygiene facilities to primary schools and their students. Throughout the pandemic access to handwashing stations played a vital role in saving lives and decreasing the spread of COVID-19. In rural areas with limited access to adequate medical care having access to washing station ar schools was a way to protect children and vulnerable communities from COVID-19.

“My friend and I are happy when we have a place to wash our hands to keep our hands cleaned,” said Phanit, a grade 3 student. Phanit along with 109 other students of a Primary school received support through our project by Habitat Cambodia in December 2021.

The students come from disadvantaged backgrounds and live in inadequate shelters that often do not have indoor Water, Sanitation and hygiene facilities like sinks and toilets. Therefore unfortunately the students lack knowledge in personal hygiene skills. The purpose of our project was to build a hand washing station in the school so all the students and staff to learn and start practising better personal hygiene and live a healthier lifestyle.

“We are pleased to work with the Habitat Cambodia team and to have these hand washing stations for our students. We have seen some changes in the hygiene practice among them. Students have now started washing their hands more often which has led to improved hygiene, health and performance as well as attendance at school.” said Sreynam, a teacher at Takorng primary school.

We can often take for granted what we have and think something as mundane as washing our hands is but for these kids, a hand washing station significantly improved their way of living.

This project receives support from the Australian Government through the Australian NGO Cooperation Program (ANCP) and is in partnership with our implementing partner Habitat for Humanity Cambodia to provide Water, Sanitation and Hygiene kits to keep vulnerable families safe during the pandemic.