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Maya’s dream come true

“I would like to wish that no one should live life like ours.

We used to live in conditions similar to an animal shed as that house had only one room where we used to cook and sleep. It felt crowded for us all to live in one room. The children could not study well…We used the open field as our toilet and it made us very nervous and shameful amongst relatives.

Habitat for Humanity provided the financial and technical support to build this home. First and foremost, I would like to thank the landowner for supporting us by providing land to build a home. Secondly, to Habitat for making my dreams come true – in becoming a new homeowner and living in Ghorahi Municipality with dignity and prosperity.

I have always been an honest, responsible, and hard working person. However, becoming a homeowner has given me a new sense of pride, dedication and sacrifice. Habitat has given me a safe environment for raising my children and a place that we can call home. Furthermore, Habitat has showed me the true meaning of kindness to a fellow human being. Habitat has made my dreams come true and I’m grateful to all that donated their time and efforts to build a home for my family.”

– Maya Chaudhary

Maya was one of 188 households that were granted a loan to be able to build a new home in Nepal. This was part of Habitat’s Ghorahi Community Development Project that was completed earlier in March this year. The project provided support for ex-Kamaiya, Dalits and other marginalised households living in poor housing.

In Ghorahi Municipality, shelter conditions in the community resemble temporary makeshift structures. They are made of plastic sheets, mud, clothes and bamboo and most houses are open to the elements. many households lack basic facilities like a toilet and practice open defecation in neighbouring fields. Beyond the immediate environmental health problems associated with open defecation, this also raises a number of privacy and safety concerns, particularly for women and girls.

Thanks to your support, we can continue to make more dreams like Maya’s a reality.

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